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Accounting services

I will set up your accounting records personally so that you can access your information quickly and efficiently, with a minimum effort required by yourself or your employees.

Alternatively, I can take the responsibility of looking after your bookkeeping requirements at your place of business, or in my office, which will also give you up to date information on a timely basis, whenever you require it.

I will also prepare all the required government forms to be filed such as HST, employee's deductions, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, etc.


I will prepare financial statements based on the information that you provide, and from the bookkeeping records.

As a rule, these financial statements are prepared for income tax purposes, or for internal use. These financial statements are unaudited and no assurance is provided on statements that are compilations.

 Tax services

I personally provide the following tax services:

1) Tax planning for individuals, corporations and estates

2) Individual Canadian and U.S. tax returns

    N.B. If you are a U.S. citizen, or hold a U.S. green card, and have neglected to file the U.S. tax returns and reports of your  

    Canadian bank accounts, RRSP or RRIF accounts, TSFA accounts, etc., the penalties can be very onerous. 

    If you qualify, a voluntary disclosure and filing of prior years U.S. tax returns and reports may be in your interest.

3) Canadian corporation tax returns

4) Estate and trust returns

Other services

Estate planning to minimize taxes, and for an orderly transfer of assets to the beneficiaries of the estate. 

If you are earning income personally from a business or profession, I will discuss the various benefits of incorporating a company with you. 

These benefits relate to: 

1) reduction in total income tax payable

2) splitting income with family members

3) simplifying estate planning

4) limited liability of the individual shareholders

I will personally assist you in obtaining all the necessary required documentation in order for you to become incorporated.